Covid 19  Le Vallon des Oliviers

(update september 9th, 2020)


Since the opening of our bed and breakfast in summer 2016, we try, every day, to offer you nice surroundings, conviviality, comfort and cleanliness/cleanness. You confirm that through our goldenbook and several app. Thanks to you for these comments.



We respect UNPLV & ADN-TOURISM formalities.

  • Distanciation

  • Cleaning and disinfecting guidline

We also :

  • Put away some decorating items which are not easy to disinfect for example : curtains, lamp, paintings, pictures, or change them for easiest items to be disinfecting.

  • we propose you disinfecting products when you use communal equipments.

So we expect you will spend good time in Le Vallon des Oliviers.




Room Sculpture,chambre-hote-de-charme-var

Room Arts,Chambre d hote Le Vallon des Oliviers Chambre ARTS

Room MusiqueChambre d'hote Le Vallon des Oliviers Chambre Musique

are located on the groundfloor. Each one have its own entrance and private terrace. If you booked room Musique and room Arts, they compose a suite which is separated from the other part of the house.


This is the same for the 2 rooms upstairs, guest have to use the main entrance door, which is reserved for theses rooms.

room PhotographieChambre d'hote Le Vallon des Oliviers Chambre Photographie

room Peinture

 thoses 2 rooms can compose a suite.

According to ADN-Tourisme recommandations, Allow us to do the daily housework (or not if you prefer we don’t come in your room).


The room is completely cleaned and disinfected  step by step :

  • the room, bathroom and toilets are ventilated during 3 heures.

  • linen and towels, curtains, are cleared to the laundry, washed during 1 hour and over than 60 °C, linen ironed. Bins are cleared.

  • Welcome gifts are cleared

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the bathroom and the toilets : furniture, washbasin, taps, glasses, switchs, hairdryer, dryer, bin, doorknobs, floor, toilets, paper hanger.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the room : table, tv screen, remote controllers, lamps, chairs, armchairs, doorknobs, switch, hangers, floor

  • Then the bed is made, towels, welcome gifts put in the bathroom as toilet paper in the toilets.


We use a desinfectant chemical with NF 14476 agreement and chlorine against covid 19 and respect contact time. We don’t use waccum cleaner, to prevent spread of dust. We wash floors with damp cleaning



  • We will ask you to wash you hand with hydroalcoolic handsanitizer, we give to you, before you sit down at your table.
  • Please, respect distanciation.

  • We serve breakfast on the terrace : each room as its own separated table during your stay.

  • Local products (cheese, fruits salad, eggs from our hens, homemade jams) are served table by table.

For us, breakfast time is a nice moment when we can suggest you what you could do during the day : walking, hicking, riding bicycle, even horse.. try nautical activities or discover parfumes, taste olive oil or rosé wine, we can suggest you a very calm canyon with fresh water to jump in, time for rest …



  • The furniture around the swimming pool is clean and disinfected every day. (sun umbrella knobs, armchairs, shower)

piscine Vallon des Oliviers

  • Please keep distanciation

  • Use the same sunbed all the day long




We organize the summer kitchen in the way, every people can use it, Nevertheless, we ask you to respect distanciation and clean/disinfect the kitchen after you used it.

  • At your disposal, chemicals for cleaning and desinfection. (instruction how to use them : How many ? How long contact time? are advertised).




  • If you don’t want to cook, (because you are on holidays), several restaurant, not so far from Le Vallon des Oliviers, propose take away formulas.



We don t want to spread covid 19, so we have put away toys for children and the library, because it s to difficult to get them safe and cleanness



 WE hope that this presentation about what we will do during your holidays, and thoses news rules, make you not so sad, but reassure you about your next holidays.

We expect that this covid will die as soon as possible.

We hope we could welcome you and show you the new Vallon des Oliviers, having a glass of rosé, but with distanciation… of course !

We will be very happy to suggest you nice walking or hicking, present you lot of physical activities or culture in Pays de Fayence and in the surroundings.


  • We accept cancellation until 4 days before your arrival if your cancellation is due to Covid 19. We will refund you, or you can also change the period of your stay : have a look at our price calender or simply ask us.



  • booking by mail and payment by banktransfer, so we will be able to refund you in case of cancellation (without charge due to online payment)