The swimming pool

Concerned about our environmental impact and the preservation of the WATER resource, we have chosen to install a synthetic lawn, thus contributing to the reduction of our water consumption.


We designed our pool so that it can satisfy both swimmers and non-swimmers.

The swimming pool is 1.40 m deep. You can stand up and play without difficulty. Dimensions 10m x 5m, it allows to have memorable games of balloon with all the guests.


The water of our swimming pool is respectful of the skin. Our swimming pool is treated by salt electrolysis: the treated water is more pleasant and respectful of the skin, no smell of chlorine while respecting the quality of bathing water.

You will appreciate being able to find shade of a tree because natural shade is much more comfortable than the artificial shade of a parasol. Sunbeds and umbrellas, bath towels are at your disposal. Our swimming pool is also a place to meet – or to escape when reading a good book.


Enjoy the first sunny days of spring and the sunny autumn that reigns in the south of France. Find or extend the pleasure of swimming in our heated pool. The pool is heated from may or june to september or october depending on the weather, ask us if you have a last minute booking.