Nautical activities, swimming in the Var hinterland

Swimming and water activities are not only reserved to the Var coast. The Var hinterland offers alternatives to crowded beaches and lined up towels. Saint Cassien lake (420 ha) offers beaches,  easily accessible and various restaurants. Small coves reachable after a short walk offer a change of scenery and tranquility.

This is probably the reason why many inhabitants of the nearby Alpes-Maritimes come to spend their weekend around Saint Cassien lake.

And this also explains why the Pays de Fayence was for a very long time the holiday destination of the regional upper middle class, owners of many holiday homes.

The Saint Cassien lake is also very popular with rowing teams because it is sheltered from the wind. It is therefore a flat water expanse, with a length of 16 km. This allows continuous training : row, row and row again! You may come across international teams.